Mack Goldsbury is an award winning freelance artist with a passion for jazz. Ever since he heard his first jazz track, Mack has been inspired to follow his dreams and create the best music possible. With a career spanning through concerts, studio sessions, and soundtracks, Mack continues to push forward into whatever may come next.

Mack Goldsbury has had his fair share of awards. He has been nominated for two Grammy awards and has received recognition in numerous countries the world over. His love of travel and jazz makes him perfect both at home and abroad.

When he is not busy working in the studio or performing live, Mack teaches music at The El Paso Conservatory of Music, Cathedral High School and the Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf Music School in Berlin, Germany. His love of music helps to inspire students to transcend the medium and create truly remarkable music. He thrives off of the performances of his peers, all while continuing to improve his craft daily.

Mack Goldsbury is available for studio sessions and other freelance opportunities. His love of improvisation keeps things fresh and alive, and his disciplined work ethic is perfect for all situations. Whether you desire a studio session or the addition of a remarkable player to your live ensemble, Mack Goldsbury is ready to work with you!

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